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Week 1- Identity

Group  Questions

Week 1 Discussion Questions

Weekly Sermon Videos

Week 1

Additional Resources

Week 2- When Believing is Seeing

Week 2 Discussion Questions

Week 2

Additional Resources

Book Recommendations

Verses on Identity

Week 3- I Am a Friend of God

Week 3 Discussion Questions

Week 3

Additional Resources

Book Recommendations

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Week 4- I Hear God's Voice

Week 4

Week 4 Discussion Questions

Additional Resources

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Week 5- Repentence

Week 5

Week 5 Discussion Questions

Additional Resources

Week 6- Baptism By the Holy Spirit

Week 6 Discussion Questions

Week 6

Additional Resources


Week 7- I Am Without Fault

Week 7

Week 7 Discussion Questions

Additional Resources


Week 8- David Danced!

Week 8 Discussion Questions

Week 8

Additional Resources


Week 9- I Have Power and Authority In Christ

Week 9 Discussion Questions

Week 9

Additional Resources

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